Guinea Bissau

Guinea Bissau, previously called Portuguese Guinea as it was an African colony of Portugal up until 1974, is a combination of exoticism and mysticism, which can only be discovered by meeting its people and exploring their culture.

Bordering with Senegal to the north, with Guinea Conakry to the east and south and to the west with the Atlantic Ocean, where the Bijagó Islands are located. It has a warm climate all year round and its temperatures seldom vary, the average temperature being around 26 °C. The dry season lasts from October to the end of June, beginning of July.

It is a small country, only the size of Switzerland, but with a population 7 times smaller than the latter.

Most of the local population hold animist beliefs, which would explain the close relationship between the local flora and fauna and their culture.

National Parks

Where the Orango Parque Hotel is located and which is home to the saltwater hippo.
That is home to the marine green turtle.
Unlike the other two, this park is situated in the continental area. It has a considerable chimpanzee population.

These are large wildlife conservation centres,

natural sanctuaries located in the best preserved areas of West Africa and they are the country’s most important tourist destinations.


More than half the country is covered by thick evergreen forests with a whole host of species and trees that grow up to 30 metres tall. Different plant formations can be seen in jungles, humid and semi-humid forests and tropical rainforests.


One of the main characteristics is the number of rivers that cross the country from west to east, meandering and forming wide estuaries close to the river mouths; almost everyone of them are navigable and represent major transport arteries.