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A different way in to the heart of Africa; where biodiversity and tradition meet.
Perfectly integrated into its surroundings, Orango Parque Hotel has 3 African-style bungalows, two of which have 8 double rooms and the third one has a suite with 2 bedrooms and a shared bathroom…. read more
Orango During your stay at Park Hotel you can watch the sun go down by the sea under the beach shelters, chill in our bar area or a delicious menu with fresh produce and freshly caught sea fish accompanied by seasonal fruit… read more
In Orango Park Hotel, you can enjoy the sea in our boats and canoes, may be a nice memory of our boutique, see a sample of ethnographic crafts in our museum, hire a guide to accompany us on our tours, an excursion adventure or ethnographic tour, fishing or request a transfer to the airport… read more about the hotel
The hotel has a very positive impact, which is creating many jobs, providing an excellent contribution to local development. As an added value, it is trained on a regular basis for workers to become worthy and qualified professionals budding ecotourism industry in Guinea Bissau … Meet our team.

A true ecotourism project

Orango Parque Hotel is not just a tourist establishment, is a project of responsible tourism and sustainable tourism that makes it compatible with the conservation of biodiversity.

This hotel reverses its profits in micro development cooperation that directly benefit the local population Orango National Park.

The complex is managed by the Associaçao Guiné Bissau Orango, a Spanish non-profit organisation that takes part in the development of ecotourism in the National Parks of Guinea Bissau… read more about proyect

Its main partners are the CBD-Habitat Foundation, a non-profit foundation dedicated to developing projects related to the conservation of biodiversity and its habitat, while also facilitating relationships between man and his natural surroundings; the Institute for Biodiversity and Protected Areas of Guinea Bissau Institute (IBAP); and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)read more
Guinea Bissau, previously called Portuguese Guinea as it was an African colony of Portugal up until 1974, is a combination of exoticism and mysticism, which can only be discovered by meeting its people and exploring their culture.

More than half the country is covered by thick evergreen forests.

The country has three national parks: The Orango National Park, where the Orango Parque Hotel is located and which is home to the saltwater hippo; the Marino Joao Vieira-Poilao National Park that is home to the marine green turtle; and the Florestas de Cantanhez National Park, which has a considerable chimpanzee population. Read more about  Guinea Bissau.

Covering an area of over 150,000 hectares, the Orango National Park, created in 1998, is located on the Bijagós Archipelago just off the Guinea Bissau coast. This is the first area to be awarded the protected status in Guinea Bissau and one of the places with the greatest biodiversity in the country. The declaration of national park is justified as it is home to the most westerly population of the common hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius)… read more más.


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