Are tips accepted?


Tips are not mandatory, people may choose whether to tip but they are never included in the price.

Are tips accepted?2015-10-05T10:54:29+02:00



It is advisable to travel with comfortable clothes and footwear in order to fully enjoy all that this natural paradise [...]


Smoking policy


Guests are strongly requested not to throw cigarette butts anywhere within the hotel or the National Park. The National Park [...]

Smoking policy2015-10-05T10:54:06+02:00

Accessibility / reduced mobility


Guinea Bissau is a destination that is not equipped with facilities or infrastructures adapted to persons with reduced mobility. It [...]

Accessibility / reduced mobility2018-10-26T18:22:12+02:00

Are pets allowed?


Remember that you are travelling to a protected natural area and animals are not permitted, except guide dogs.

Are pets allowed?2015-07-16T12:27:58+02:00

Where is the Orango Parque Hotel located?


The Orango Parque Hotel is located in Guinea Bissau, a West African country to the south of Senegal. Specifically, the [...]

Where is the Orango Parque Hotel located?2021-09-22T14:54:28+02:00

What is the climate like in Guinea Bissau?


Guinea Bissau has a hot, humid and generally tropical climate throughout the year with little temperature fluctuations. The climate in [...]

What is the climate like in Guinea Bissau?2015-10-05T11:08:10+02:00

How do I get to Guinea Bissau?


The most advisable option is by air, although you can travel from Senegal using a combination of means. The entry [...]

How do I get to Guinea Bissau?2021-09-22T14:57:58+02:00

What is the currency of Guinea Bissau?


The currency of Guinea Bissau is the CFA franc. The country doesn't have many banking services so it's advisable to [...]

What is the currency of Guinea Bissau?2021-09-22T14:59:41+02:00
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