It is advisable to travel with comfortable clothes and footwear in order to fully enjoy all that this natural paradise has to offer.

T-shirts and shorts are recommended during the day and long trousers and a long-sleeved shirt in the evenings to avoid insect bites at night.

Do not forget your sun cream and hat or cap to protect your face and neck from the sun and insect repellent. It is also wise to take a warm item of clothing for the occasional cold evening or when travelling by boat as well as a raincoat.

Strong shoes, not boots, are essential for long walks. Waterproof sandals or other types of shoes are advisable for walking along the beach, through streams and walking through the muddy puddles you will come across on the routes.

Do not forget your camera with a spare battery.

There are very few luggage trolleys at the airport and luggage restrictions are limited. A flexible case is the best and most practical option for travelling by boat and by car.