Eticoga, the closest small village to the Orango Parque Hotel, has a small medical centre for the local population. Private clinics in Bissau are located four hours away by boat from the island of Orango, therefore it is essential that anyone needing medication should bring this with them from their country of origin.

The boats, the hotel and the guides are equipped with first aid kits during excursions.

All travellers are recommended to take out travel insurance that covers them in the country and in the event of repatriation, containing the relevant clauses regarding health cover in the event of becoming infected with COVID-19.

The hotel has a protocol to be followed in the case a guest presents symptoms compatible with COVID-19. After safely isolating the guest, those responsible for the guest’s private medical insurance are contacted and, if deemed appropriate, the guest is evacuated by boat to Bissau, to be treated by the medical staff at the private hospital specified by their medical insurance.