This month of July we are rebuilding the roof Eticoga´s infirmary that has suffered the climatological consequences and deterioration of the recent heavy rains.

Since we started our project in Orango, we have given priority to the infirmary as this was requested by the local population. It needed an urgent rehabilitation but also qualified staff to work and stay there. Since then, it is our hotel and association that take care of the salaries of the nursing workers, improving the quality of life in the village of Eticoga and others nearby as well as enhancing the local and sustainable development.

Today we rebuild the roof again and we have already purchased all the needed material from Bissau, as we do for the hotel. In this new era we are living now, health is even more one of our main priorities. With each stay of our guests, the hotel and the association can continue to carry out small micro-projects of development cooperation, helping the population of the islands as well as their incredible fauna and flora that make them so unique.