A birdwatching paradise

There are more than 500 bird species in the country today: HeronGoliat, Hamerkop, African Fish Eagle, Wagtailbirds, Seabirds, GreyParrots, Turacos, Hornbills, etc., among many other unique birds in Guinea Bissau.

8    days Birdwatching Circuit

  • We will visit the forests of the Natural Park of Das Lagoasde Cufada, home of numerous sea birds and wader birds, chimpanzee,buffalos, gazelles, hyenas,hippopotamus or crocodiles
  • We will explore the islands of Orango National Park, full of different bird species like: Larus genei, Sterna caspia, Sterna maxima, Gelochelidon nilotica, and Platalea alba
  • We will discover CantanhezNational Park, a paradise of biodiversity to observe a great variety of hornbills
  • We will visit MansôaRiver in the region of Biombo, a natural stopover of birds during the migratory season
  • We will visit Eticogavillage and the tomb of Queen Okinka-Pampa at Orango National Park
  • We will visit Anor region where we will observe birds, salty water hippos and crocodiles
  • We will explore the Marino Joao Vieira-PoilaoNational Park, consisting of different small islands where we will find some endangered birds

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