In addition to being the only school on the island of Orango Grande, this school is essential for the more than 400 children on the island to receive an education that will allow them access to higher education on the island of Bubaque and later in Bissau.

The children from the different towns on the island who attend this school every day are oblivious to the deficiencies of the building or the lack of school materials… But the truth is that, in addition to the arduous task of learning, there are the precarious conditions in which the teachers have to work: there are not enough teaching materials, the classes lack chairs, tables, books or blackboards that make the teaching tasks of the school’s educators very complicated.

Although the building was restored with the help of UNESCO a few years ago, the lack of continuity in the project has led to the deterioration of the structure, in particular the railing on the exterior façade, which endangers the entrance and exit of children to the building. From the Orango Parque Hotel project, we want to rebuild this railing in the next months, installing a safe structure that is able to resist the storms.

Eticoga School, Orango Islands

Little by little and thanks to the guests who visit us year after year, we can continue to improve this school to build a better future for the children of the island of Orango.