A unique exhibition at the Orango Parque Hotel in the Bijagó archipelago in Guinea Bissau brings us closer to this mythical but at the same time very real community.

Don’t worry if you still don’t know anything about them, we’ve all been there… But don’t be surprised if as soon as you get closer to the inhabitants of this beautiful corner of West Africa, you want to know more and more… The Bijagó are one of those primitive peoples that are found in the travel books of the past, or that appear in the work of scholars fascinated by cultural diversity. The Bijagó are a vibrant people, proud of a culture which still today is a significant part of their day-to-day, their spiritual lives and their very unique celebrations.

Few places conserve a spirituality as overflowing as these idyllic islands. The Orango Parque Hotel is an excellent place to get to know the Bijagó people better and since 2016, it has also hosted in its facilities the unique museum of Bijagó culture. This is an interpretative exhibition that combines original pieces and unique reproductions, the collection of which has involved an invaluable, and at times difficult recovery task.

Now the Bijagó community can admire these elements that are part of their identity and make the visitors to the Orango Parque Hotel aware of them. It is a good way of valuing their culture, reaffirming it upon seeing the interest that it awakens in foreign visitors.