Orango Parque Hotel cooperates in the training on health measures to the communitu of Bijagos Islands.

COVID-19 is advancing rapidly undetected throughout Africa. The Orango Parque Hotel, located in the Orango National Park in the Bjagós Islands, 4 hours from the continent, has cooperated with the health prevention workshops, organised by the that the group of nurses of the Eticoga Health Center.


The hotel provided materials such as disinfectants, masks and buckets among other items, which were delivered to 9 villages (tabancas) on the Island of Orango. In all of them, an explanatory workshop was held on the correct hand washing with these materials as well as virus awareness and basic hygiene measures to follow. Zelia Martins, nurse at the Eticoga Health Center, was in charge of conducting the workshops


The Orango Parque Hotel, which develops several micro projects focused on sustainable environmental and local community development throughout the year, is concerned about a possible strong spread of the virus in an area where primary care is already limited.


This mission has been successfully completed and we have received thanks from the local community. Despite having received protection information against the virus, to date they did not have any type of material necessary to be able to act accordingly. ”- Said Mariana Ferrreira, Orango Parque Hotel Supervisor.


The Orango Parque Hotel plans to hold more training workshops in the field of health and many others that help in the sustainable development of the local community and thus generate a positive impact in the area.