Our Values

Orango Parque Hotel is much more than just a tourist establishment. The complex is managed by the Associaçao Guiné Bissau Orango, a Spanish non-profit organisation that takes part in the development of ecotourism in the National Parks of Guinea Bissau.

The hotel reinvests its profits into carrying out development cooperation micro-projects that have a direct effect on the local population of the Orango National Park. These projects are chosen by the actual beneficiaries themselves. Specific emphasis has been placed on health and education issues. With regard to health, refurbishing health centres and primary health care units and drilling boreholes for clean water. With regard to public education, building nurseries and renovating schools, with the aim of increasing the work possibilities and future expectations of the local population

However, the hotel has another even more important impact on its surroundings, which is the creation of jobs, contributing to the development of the area and enhancing the natural resources and highlighting that conservation is more productive than unsustainable development. As an added value, the hotel’s members of staff receive training on a regular basis to ensure that they become respectable and qualified professionals in the emerging ecotourism industry in Guinea Bissau.

A commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism, that enables tourism to be compatible with the conservation of biodiversity.

A real ecotourism project that provides tourists with a better understanding of the reality of the local culture through knowledge and respect.

The Orango Parque Hotel was inaugurated in 2005 under the guidance of this Spanish company.

Since then this project has continued to grow and we are all on a continuous learning journey to discover how to implement sustainable and responsible tourism approaches that provide access to a destination with unique landscape and ecological characteristics so visitors can discover its authentic local culture, with friendly and hospitable people, all set in infinite natural surroundings.

The hotel is enabling the rest of the world to discover the vast ecotourism potential of Guinea Bissau, by constantly studying the cultural, historic and natural values of the region and designing tourism products based on these. And of course, by listening to the requirements of the people of the Orango National Park in order to contribute to the effective and sustainable improvement of the quality of life of the local population.

Much has been done, but there is still much to do in a region of unquestionable beauty that makes us feel fortunate to work in such an authentic place as the Orango National Park.