Due to the new measures adopted to deal with COVID-19, the hotel managers have arranged shifts, informing the guests which shift applies to them.

Restaurant and bar services are always provided in the open-air areas.

The chairs and tables in the restaurant and bar must not be moved, as these have been placed at a distance of 1.5 metres from each other. Should it be necessary to move them, only the waiting staff may do so, respecting social distancing measures.

Moreover, to ensure hygiene, cloth tablecloths have been replaced with plastic fabrics and cloth napkins have been replaced with disposable paper napkins. In the case of glasses and crockery, these are washed at very high temperatures (80ºC) to maximise cleanliness.

The hotel restaurant has a public toilet which is cleaned and disinfected several times a day. This contains disposable paper towels, soap and hydroalcoholic gel dispensers.

Finally, to reinforce all the above-mentioned measures, the restaurant’s waiting staff all wear masks and, after each table is vacated, the tables and chairs used are disinfected with a soap and water solution.