The Orango Parque Hotel has 3 boats (Piskavalho, Kavens and Entanke) all of which are used to transport visitors. Piskavalho and Kavens have a maximum seating capacity of 7 passengers and Entanke has room for 14 passengers.

All the boats are built and insured in France. Helmets are made of aluminium and they are unsinkable.

The boats are equipped with a main outboard motor, a safety outboard motor, lifejackets, raincoats, radio, GPS and a first aid kit.

We use 4-stroke outboard engines in our boats, drastically reducing the level of noise produced and pollution due to exhaust fumes, minimising the impact on marine species.

The boats are available to tourists for transfers, excursions, no-kill fishing trips and they are also used to serve the local community by supporting the Eticoga health centre (the small village closest to the hotel) for transporting patients.

Regarding the measures adopted to deal with COVID, both the boats and cars used by Orango Parque Hotel to transport its guests are cleaned and disinfected after each use. Inside, where masks must also be worn, there is also a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser for general use.