Video parque nacional de Orango

A picture is worth a thousand words… It´s one of those phrases that, for having heard it millions of times, doesn´t lose its meaning, at least sometimes. And we think this is one of those times, because although we´ve been doing our best for years to tell you about the Bijagós Archipielago, in Guinea Bissau, about its spectacular wildlife, its infinite sunsets, or about how its people show us that living in harmony with nature is possible, this video is sure to surprise you even more.


Grabando video danzas en Orango
We invite you to disconnect for 10 minutes and give a different tone to your day, discovering a bit more about this nearby Paradise and the possibility of sustainable tourism in Orango National Park. We are quite sure you will re-think your next vacation, and we hope to welcome you soon at the Orango Parque Hotel.